District News

Posted: 02 Jul 2021 10:24 PM

From: MN - ND District Directors

Bob and Renae Hicks

Any questions or comments, please let us know – always willing to meet and talk. 

Bob & Renae Hicks

MN - ND District Directors


612-210-5442 (B)

763-763-7948 (R)

November Newsletter

Posted: 27 Oct 2020 07:49 PM

Reasons to be Thankful 

With all the NEGATIVITY in the news, on social media and the country, half of the country will not be happy. Is hard to find things to be Thankful for.

The next two months are special months in our household.

November has Veterans Day (Nov 11) and the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Veterans Day (Nov 11) - There are plenty of Vets in our communities. While some are outgoing about their service, others are low key about their Service. Either way, it does not matter. All Vets have served their country. Let us take a few minutes to thank the Veterans. On Nov 11, many businesses provide some perks. If you are a Vet, or know a Vet, take advantage of the perks on Nov 11th for Veterans Day.  

Thanks to All Veterans!

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October Newsletter

Posted: 29 Sep 2020 08:39 PM

Riding Around the District

We had 22 bikes at the September Ride In that toured a few of the Iowa Patriot Rocks. We were careful to be observant of social distancing and the wearing of masks when that was not possible. We had members attend from four other states. The food, routes and weather was good, but we could have used a little respite from the southerly wind.

Everyone agreed that the Ride In was a good time and a successful Event. We are looking at more Ride In Events, for next year as there is not enough time to plan and execute the Event.

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September Newsletter

Posted: 31 Aug 2020 10:46 PM

MN-ND September District Ride Inn

We know many of the Chapters have been having local rides. But there has been a lot of interest in the MN-ND District September Ride In. So, we have scheduled the Ride In see flyer or the link at Sep Ride In. But as we always say, attend at your own discretion and bring a mask.

Worthington, MN on September 18 – 20, 2020

Come and join us a District Ride around the Worthington area.

Stay Friday night for a refreshing ride starting on Saturday morning or come on Saturday morning for the Ride.

Stay around Saturday night for some meeting and greeting with our friends we have not seen for a long while. We can hang out in the breakfast area (hopefully things.

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August Newsletter

Posted: 03 Aug 2020 10:02 PM

District Mystery Ride / Picnic

With most, if not all, of the Rallies canceled this year - Let’s try a local Ride to near Cold Spring, MN!!

There is still time to let us know you will be coming to the Mystery Ride / Picnic on August 8th. District will provide the Picnic Lunch; we just ask for the folks to bring chairs, a sunny disposition, and a mask (now required). Most Chapters are organizing a ride to the District Picnic to arrive between noon and 12:30.

The District will provide the food and cold water; if your palette requires something different (soda, iced tea and so forth) please bring your own selection. Desserts are always welcome if you choose to bring them (cookies, bars, etc.).

Does anyone remember the 50/50? We will be doing a 50/50 at the Picnic - bringing back some old time fun. Remember the 50/50 is purely voluntary. Let have a bit of normalcy in these times! 

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