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February 2021

Posted: 16 Feb 2021 09:34 PM

February 2021

As I write this today, it’s lightly snowing outside. I just can’t believe January is almost over already! Where does the time go?? The saying is that the older you get; the faster time goes. I do believe that is true!

You’ve likely heard about the latest extension of the Levels Grace Period through December 31, 2021. Below is a copy of the article from Susan Huttman, Director – Rider Education Program:

GWRRA Levels Program Update January 1st, 2021

The existing grace period for all Members who expired at their highest level of achievement in the GWRRA Rider Education Levels Program on or after January 1, 2020, is being extended through December 31st, 2021.

The guidelines in place for non-current GWRRA Rider Education Course and Medic First Aid® Instructors will remain the same. They cannot conduct a rider course or class unless or until current at their highest level of achievement.

The guidelines in place for non-current GWRRA University Instructors (UIs) and University Trainers (UTREPs) will remain the same. They cannot present any of the seminars or modules in the 100 series in the University’s library but University Instructors can continue to present all other University library offerings they are certified to present.

While we do expect to see an increase in educational opportunities in the coming year, we recognize there will continue to be significant challenges to overcome for many Districts and Members in the Association.

 The GWRRA Rider Education team will continue efforts to preserve the integrity of the Levels Program while striving to serve the Membership equitably. For more information, please contact the appropriate Team GWRRA Program Director:

Lorrie Thomas, GWRRA University Program Director universitydir@gwrra.org

Susan Huttman, GWRRA Rider Education Program Director director_re@gwrra.org

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