Rider Education

June Article

Posted: 05 Jun 2017 10:08 PM

As I write this article, it’s cool and rainy outside.  My hope is that the weather starts to cooperate and cooperates all the way through summer – longer would be better!  We’re heading out on vacation soon and I pray, with all my being, that the time we are going to be riding is dry (at least for the most part)!

When traveling on a motorcycle, one must be prepared for anything and everything:
Do you know your gas and comfort stops?
Did you make reservations for accommodations or are you going to try to find somewhere along
the way?  If just finding somewhere along the way, be prepared – you might end up
riding longer (and farther) than you expected to.
Is your raingear in good condition?  When rainy & cold I prefer not to ride, but there are times
when one doesn’t have any other choice.
If it’s hot, do you have access to a lighter or mesh jacket?
If it’s cold, do you have access to additional layers and heavier gloves?
Do you have room for everything?  Are you towing a trailer so you do? 
Are you bringing tools for just in case?
All of these are things that might be considered when heading out on the road to that new and exciting (or old and comfortable) destination!

Just a reminder that we are having a Trike Rider Course on Saturday, June 24th from 8:00am – 5:00pm.  Cost is $40 for GWRRA members and $50.00 for others.  There are still 3 spots open.  If you know of someone who might be interested, please have them contact me at 612-834-2682.

Also remember that we are hosting a Road Captain’s Course at the MN/ND District Rally.  This is a rally event so you need to be registered for both the rally and the Road Captain’s Course.  Cut off for registration is June 20th.  Please contact me if interested.  612-834-2682.

That’s about it for now.  Take care and be safe out there!

Joy Mattson

MN District Educator

May 2017

Posted: 06 May 2017 08:08 AM

Minnesota & North Dakota
District Rally
Rider Education Event
Do you want to become a Road Captain or learn more about what it means to be a Road Captain?  Are you already a Road Captain and want to do a refresher course?  Have we got the seminar for you!! You guessed it!  We’re doing a………………………………….
Road Captain Course (RCC)
Friday, July 7th, 2017
2pm – 4pm
Includes both Classroom & Riding Components
For those who are not currently Road Captains:
·  You’ll learn what it means to be a Road Captain
·  Both classroom and riding components are necessary to receive your Road Captain rocker.
·  Co-Riders are welcome and encouraged
·  For the riding component, participants must:
o  Wear full riding gear including helmet, long pants, over the ankle boots, long sleeves, full finger gloves, and eye protection. 
o  Present valid driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement or motorcycle permit
o  Provide valid insurance card 
o  A waiver to participate in the riding component will be provided at the start of the seminar
For the current Road Captain:
·  This will be a refresher
·  Don’t be surprised if you’re called on to share your experiences
This seminar is open to District Rally Attendees.  Pre-Registration is required and rally attendance will be verified.  Contact MN District Educator Joy Mattson at jsmattson@usfamily.net or 612-834-2682 for more info and to sign up.  Deadline to register is June 20th.
Hope to see you there.


April Article

Posted: 05 Mar 2017 06:29 PM

It’s April and Spring has officially sprung………………or has it?  As one who very well knows this, we’re still in for at least one more snowfall.  See, Scott and I haven’t brought the bikes home from storage yet.  It’s a guarantee that we’ll get one more snowfall right after we bring them home.

There are a number of events coming up in the world of Rider Education:
·  Chapter Q is hosting their annual IRC (fka BRCII) April 29th and 30th – training provided by the MSF.  Contact Bob Frazee if you’re interested in either day.  I believe they still have openings.
·  Chapter N is hosting an IRC (fka BRCII) May 7th – training provided by the MSF.  Contact Bruce Carlson or Kevin Tucker if you’re interested.
·  The MN District is hosting a Trike Rider Course June 24th (full day with classroom/range exercises) and 25th (short day with range exercises only).  Training is being provided by GWRRA Rider Course Instructors Dan Davis and Kris Andre from Illinois.  These guys are good!  Please contact Joy & Scott Mattson if you’re interested or know someone who is.  There are still openings on both days.  Cost as of April 1 is $40.00 for GWRRA members and $50.00 for Non-Members.  A bargain at any rate!! 
Please note that none of these courses are fundraisers for Chapter or District.  Costs are set to cover expenses only and are meant to help you, the member, be a safer rider.

Scott and I have received approval and will be hosting a Road Captains Course Seminar and Riding Exercise at the District Rally on Friday afternoon, July 7th.  If you’ve never done this before and are interested in learning how Team Riding really works, this is the Seminar/Exercise for you!  Contact Scott & Joy to reserve your spot.  We’d like to hear from you by May 15th if you’re interested.  Final headcount will be needed no later than June 1.  For current Road Captains who would like a refresher course, come and join us!

That’s about it for this month.  If you’ve got your bike out already, please be careful out there.  I’m not sure that the 4 wheel drivers are looking for us yet. 

Till next time…..

Joy & Scott

February Article

Posted: 02 Feb 2017 09:34 PM

Happy Valentine’s Day!  It’s February and the International Motorcycle Show is just around the corner.  That means Spring is getting a little closer every day!
I was involved in a little fender bender recently.  I was on my way home from an appointment and in heavy rush-hour traffic on I-94.  Thankfully, traffic was moving slowly because a taxi driver decided he wanted the lane I was in and just started to move over.  He hit the front driver’s side bumper of my car with the passenger side tire of his minivan.  I hit both the brakes and the horn.  Gee, possibly realizing someone was in that lane he wanted, he moved back into the lane he was previously in.  But, it was too late and there was damage to my car (though nothing to his taxi).
Once we got over to the right shoulder of the highway, I got out and was assessing the damage to my car.  The other driver’s first words to me were “I didn’t hit you.”  Well…..if he didn’t hit me, why then did he pull over and stop behind me?  The next words told me he had absolutely no idea that I was anywhere even remotely close to him let alone directly beside him!  “You were behind me, right?”
We all have to be on point when riding and when driving.  We need to watch the other drivers around us.  Do you remember what the acronym SEE stands for?  It was formerly known as SIPDE.
As motorcyclists, we need to practice SEE all the time, whether riding or driving.  Have you thought of how many of our riding habits naturally carry over to our driving habits and vice versa? 
Now, I’m not sure anything could have prevented the accident I was involved in, but I like to think my training may have prevented it from being worse and causing even more damage to my car. 
Be safe out there.  It’s the snowy season and not everyone is paying attention to those around them.
Till next month!
Joy Mattson
MN District Educator

January 2017

Posted: 01 Jan 2017 02:25 PM

Happy New Year from your MN District Educator and Co-Educator!!  May 2017 be a better year for everyone!  We hope your wishes and dreams will be fulfilled.

Let’s talk about Winter Survival.  “Head South” I say.  Scott says “Find a winter hobby – like a winter set of handlebars!”  Okay, since we’re not retired, heading south doesn’t work too well.  There’s that thing called WORK that tends to get in the way.  

So, we’ll explore Scott’s idea; finding a winter hobby.  Some that are younger might try downhill skiing or snowboarding.  Others might do cross-country skiing (I can handle that one).  But, all in all, Scott loves his winter handlebars!  Since we store it up north, he goes every chance he can.  Here’s the educational part.  Watch the roads and the weather!

We all know the weather can change rather quickly in Minnesota.  The Christmas Day storm was one of the recent examples.  Rain on December 25th?  What’s up with that??  We happened to be in Duluth for the holiday and I can tell you, I was a bit nervous about coming home.  When we got up on Christmas Day, the truck and the roads were covered in a sheet of ice.  I would have stayed another day, but Since Scott had to work on Monday, we had to come home.  Thankfully, Scott was driving – he’s a bit more used to those conditions with his many trips north during the winter season.  Our first 50 miles was at 40 MPH in 4 wheel drive.  Slow and smooth, you know, like riding the bike in the rain in the summer.  We made it home just fine.

There were 3 drivers that weren’t so lucky.  Two hit the new center steel pole barriers that have been put up.  They did their job by keeping the vehicle from crossing into other traffic, but I wouldn’t want to have to deal with the damage that was done to the vehicle!  The 3rd driver wasn’t as fortunate – and the fire trucks at the scene proved it.  His truck looked like it had gone off the road and then end over end in the ditch.  I sincerely hope he was okay.  The moral of the story:  taking additional time to get to your destination is far better than taking a chance. Better to be safe, not sorry.

We hope to see many of you at the upcoming International Motorcycle Show February 3rd – 5th at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  The District is hosting a booth this year and we’ll have a sign in sheet so please, stop by and say “hi”.