Rider Education

September 2020

Posted: 18 Oct 2020 09:41 PM

I’ve written about this once before, but it does bear repeating.  Thank you to Sue Allhands for the great writing!

My RE Info

“Why can’t I go online and look at my rider education training record?” I get this question all the time. All current members are able to look at their rider education database information at any time. I will explain how you do this.

• Go to the GWRRA home page (gwrra.org)

• Click on programs and then go to rider education

• You should be at the Rider Education home page

• On left hand side of the page click on the tab – My RE info

• You will be taken to the login screen

• Click on “I need help” at the bottom of the login box. You will be told what information

you need to login. Once you login you will be taken to your rider Ed information


The top section shows your name, address, phone, email – If any of this information needs to be corrected, call the home office and they will correct it.

The middle section of the page shows you levels information. It will also show if you are current in your levels program. This section will also show you safe miles and your high miles.

The bottom section of the page is your training history. To see all your training classes, click on the word history.

If you think any of your information in the middle or bottom sections is incorrect, contact your District Educator and he/she will help you get the informat

August 2020

Posted: 18 Oct 2020 09:38 PM

With all of our GW activities having been cancelled and/or put on hold, are you maybe planning a trip somewhere just to get away?  We recently took a trip with friends and members of our extended GWRRA family and met up with other friends/members for a few days of “family” fun and camaraderie. A big shout out to Don and Cheri Walloch for being our tour guides and leading the group on some great roads to see the area. And for the great choice of dinner venue on Friday night. Everything was great and our social distancing was practiced every time we stopped.

The trip took a little extra planning because of the situation in the world today. Here are a few things you need to consider:

Hotels – are they open? If staying in a hotel with other guests, you have to be more conscious of social distancing, something we’re starting to take as normal behavior (sorry, but I still have to give/get a hug once in a while). Other guests may be even more aware of social distancing than you are because they don’t know you.

Restaurants – are they open for dine-in? We found that the majority of fast food locations are still open only for drive-thru but some will allow you to walk through the drive-thru. Many dine in restaurants are open with limited seating, usually allowing a maximum of 6 persons per table. At least at this point.

One other note. It was hot and humid the week we traveled. Make sure, if you’re traveling in the heat and humidity, that you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, Powerade/Gatorade, or a combination of both. Personally, I’ve found the combination of water and Powerade works better for me. You get the hydration from the water and the electrolytes from the other. Frequent stops in the shade also help – air conditioning, if available, is great but you may feel the heat more walking out of that AC!